The STAFF T-Shirt Limited Collection

Connect the staff, unite the people.

SUBTLE launches a well-made limited STAFF T-Shirt collection to celebrate the unusual experiences and talents of its brand staffs as well as the creativeness contributed by their global business participants.

The well crafted T-shirts has an oversized silhouette in six color options and each is made from different combination of fabrics and transfer printing techniques. The Black, Lava, Almond and Blush feature in plain weave combed cotton that highlights the fabric texture, while the White and Violet are made out of cashmere fleece combed cotton to enhance experience. The brand logo on the back has been printed via multiple thermal transfer printing methods such as heat, metallic, reflective and 3D, completing a bold streetwear aesthetic.

With this T-Shirt collection pays homage to the universal dedicated teamwork, the brand staff team hopes to connect every excited individual and unite more global participants into its community to create stories and contribute values together.

Convertible between a wheeled carry-on and a travel backpack

Stay agile

Built for maximum portability and versatility, the Mainstreet AFAR Roller Rucksack is a convertible between a wheeled carry-on and a hands-free backpack. To convert it to a travel backpack, simply zip away the rear pocket and flip it over to cover the wheels, then deploy the straps out of the back pocket, and lastly attach the straps to the D-rings at the side bottom. Now you can hoist it up on your shoulders for the most flexibility in carrying yet.

For maximum portability and versatility.

Adventure in all weather conditions

Using weatherproof material and zippers, this wheeled travel bag features a bold color soft shell to withstand rain, dirt and abrasion. Another great feature worth to mention is the laptop pocket built inside the top compartment; you can store your laptop or electronics there and have them always at the ready during airport security.


Converts to a backpack

Stay agile by converting this wheeled carry-on luggage to a hands-free shoulder backpack without scarifying the style. Go further and last longer.


Functional and fashionable

Weatherproof and tear-resistant tarpaulin for maximum durability. Laptop pocket designed inside the top compartment for ultra-convenience during airport security.


Subtle’s Latest Sling is an Ideal Go-To Option

Easily go with your any day-to-day outfit.

Adding to the lineup of carrying options, we just releases a minimalist yet truly practical sling bag that looks to push the boundaries of street wear.

The Mainstreet EDGE Bum Bag is a perfect decorative for any goer who prefer cruising around the city with no burden while still keeping their cell phone, keys, cards and other items always at the ready. This bag is made with high-quality vinyl tarp, TPU covered zip closure, zinc alloy hardware and heavy-duty embroidered belt, and because of these features it could fit in all weather conditions and stay in good shape for years. More branding hits come in the emblem etched onto the front and the bold text printed onto the back.

Offering in five color options, this vivid mini bum bag is available at the online shop, where you can also check out the whole Mainstreet luggage & bag collection.

Subtle 2019 Collection Lookbook

Introducing the Subtle 2019 Collection Lookbook

"Balancing urban aesthetics and outdoor functionality"


(Click the image above to view more)

In continuation of the water-resistant product line, we introduce a selection of trend-conscious rainwear and a diverse range of durable bags for 2019, in order to protect the city goers from the weather and substance while keeping the street/urban aesthetics.

Using a lightweight, waterproof polyurethane fabric with rubberized coating, the anorak jacket and rain pants can firmly withstand strong wind and heavy rains, in the meanwhile keeping the wearer both dry and cool. Other highlighting features include futuristic velcro-tab cuffs, cargo pocket with flap closure and adjustable hood with prints on the side.

Clarifying different needs of carrying styles and traveling demands, the collection also offers a wide mix of accessory items from pouch, side pack and crossbody bag to backpack, large duffel and carry-on luggage, each utilizing high-quality ripstop fabric and finest craftsmanship to ensure excellent protection against water, rain and dust.

These new clothing and bags are available now at the shop page.

Launching the 2019 New Bag Collection ‘MainStreet’

Launching the 2019 New Bag Collection ‘Mainstreet’

Covering people's carrying needs for various walking modes and travel demands.

December 3, 2018  /  BLOG NEWS, ITEM ARRIVAL

Today we announces the launch of its new bag collection named ‘MainStreet,’ which is taking the outdoor fashion to the next level by blending urban & street style with high-quality and versatile practicality.

Over the years the brand has become a reliable and affordable label of covering people’s carrying needs from urban life to outdoor adventures, providing high-quality outdoor products for its customers across the globe, currently the latest craze is ‘MainStreet.’

This blistering new bag collection comes to clarify different needs of consumers been able to secure their belongings during various walking modes and travel demands. Items of the collection includes five different types of bags: INDIE side pack, AVANT crossbody bag, FRONTIER medium pouch, WANDER traverse backpack and AFAR roller rucksack, providing a great variety of carrying and fitting styles.

Using high-density ripstop PVC fabric and the finest craftsmanship, each bag is created for ultra-durability and exceptional waterproofness while each has an intrinsic characteristic that is peculiar to them with vibrant color options, titled in the names of different type of gemstones like Malachite (green), Topaz (yellow), Scarlet (red), Obsidian (black) and Tanzanite (purple). Details and parts are also astonishing such as water-resistant zipper with TPU closure, zinc-alloy buckle with laser-etched logo and adjustable embroidered belt.

Get covered today with Subtle’s new bag collection ‘MainStreet’ and experience formidable protection for your urban/street style outfit, outdoor adventure and travel convenience.

Subtle Launches Collaboration with Famed Graffiti Artist Kenji Chai

Subtle Launches Collaboration with Famed Graffiti Artist Kenji Chai

A collaborative high-performance umbrella celebrating pop and urban culture.


Society accepts “man’s best friend”—the friendly, clean, and obedient dogs. When it comes to stray dogs, however, rejection is common. While strays are commonly perceived as unseemly, homeless, and unwanted, there is one that challenges that image.

“Chaigo” is the signature character of the graffiti artist taking the world by storm, Kenji Chai. “Chaigo”—a bright turquoise dog that sports a mischievous mint green fur patch around his eye—is a reminder of how easy it is to reject others based on appearances. Perhaps, this is the message Kenji wants to share with the world.

At Subtle, we know there exists undiscovered pleasantries and lessons in the people, places, and things that mainstream ignores. We chose to partner with Kenji Chai because he injects a world of life and wonder into things that are overlooked, like grey concrete walls and stray dogs.

For the past 7 years, Kenji has sent “Chaigo” running throughout Europe, Australia, and Asia. And people are taking notice. Brands like Nando’s, Tiger Beer, and Johnnie Walker have commissioned Kenji for standout murals and campaigns focused on wildlife conservation. His most recent project broke the Malaysian record for tallest mural recorded.

“Chaigo” has now found a new home with Subtle. Kenji designed two limited-edition Mr. Rain U1 umbrellas, “The Stray” and “Vandal,” both of which is now available to purchase directly on our website’s store and soon will be on sale in select shops in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

Subtle's Latest Innovative Umbrella with Fully Reflective Canopy

Subtle's Latest Innovative Umbrella with Fully Reflective Canopy

Introducing the functional and fashionable rain gear

July 4, 2018  /  BLOG NEWS, ITEM ARRIVAL

When it rains, umbrella is not only a functional gear but become a fashionable accessory of our outfits. The Hong Kong-based urban outdoor brand Subtle has just released their latest innovation — a lean new stick umbrella with light reflective technology.

Titled STARDUST, Subtle creates this umbrella with innovative 4-layer nylon fabric, while the nylon tela base is plated with a highly reflective resin coating. Dressed in a widely stretched silver canopy, the STARDUST has been given a modern edge thanks to a fully reflective finish that makes itself known when under the lights, offering safety during any blurred weather conditions.

A traditional stick umbrella is most reputable for having a polished and classic appearance. Subtle’s Mr.Rain HEIRS umbrella collection is one that follows that model yet focuses on an urban modern design. Specifically, the collection has included three new umbrella styles — the STARDUST, the DARK KNIGHT and the CHESTER which is produced to pay homage to the great singer Chester Bennington.

Standout features of the three-item collection include DuPont™ Teflon® Water-repellent technology, anti-UV protection, glass-fiber and metal alloy frame, wood-core handle and exquisite strap with embroidery text.

Take a look at the new HEIRS classic umbrella collection above, and head on over to the online shop to pick up your own.

Paying Homage to Prince: Limited Umbrella 'PURPLE RAIN' Released

Paying Homage to Prince: Limited Umbrella is Released and Named 'PURPLE RAIN'

I only wanted to see you bathing in the rain


In memory of the legendary musician and performer Prince who passed away from us two year ago, Subtle releases a limited Mr.Rain U1 umbrella to honor Prince’s great achievement.

Inspired from his most famous album ‘Purple Rain,’ the umbrella comes in with the brand’s color–purple in majority while with golden color decorating the details such as the stamped logo, the tip of the frame and the embroidery strap. With a combination of of purple and gold, the limited umbrella shows extremely luxury and memorable values.

Mr.Rain U1 Umbrella PURPLE RAIN will go on sale in a limited amount this May in our online shop.

Item Arrival: Mr.Rain AWAY Backpack

Subtle Mr.Rain AWAY Backpack

Fashionable, functional and fully weatherproof.

August 3, 2017  /  BLOG NEWS, ITEM ARRIVAL

With the rainwear lookbook of the season already turning ahead, we continue to put out a new waterproof backpack to extends its weather resistant product line “Mr.Rain.”

Designed to be used for everything from elevated outdoor function to urban aesthetics, the new affordable backpack features a minimalist roll-top design, fusing function with fashion simplicity. The backpack includes a premium PVC with polish/matte coating at the shell and nylon interior lining for further protection, as well as adjustable shoulders straps and side handle for versatile carry options.

The backpack comes in four solid colorways which each have a unique name inspired by a wild animal implying infinite adventures into the nature: “Purple Martin,” “Black Cat,” “Red Viper” and “Silver Fox.”

A limited amount of stocks of Mr.Rain AWAY Backpack is now available in Subtle’s online shop.

Subtle 2017 Collection Lookbook

Introducing the Subtle 2017 Collection Lookbook

All Weather Movement


Titled “Mr.Rain”, the Subtle Seasonal Visual Spring 2017 now is released. The collection elevates couples of rain gears to stylish urban clothing and outfits.

Against climate, the “Mr.Rain” product line includes urban rainwear clothing and accessories such as raincoat, rainboots, umbrella and tote dry sack. Each has exquisite details and distinguishing highlights.

The Mr.Rain AWAY Raincoat, double as a windbreaker, is handmade from polyester fabric with rubberized coating which ensures complete wind and waterproofness. Also the Mr.Rain X1 Rainboots are handcrafted from the finest natural rubber, featuring exceptional comfort as well as full protection to water and mud. Coming to the Mr.Rain U1 Umbrella, it turns into a fashion accessory rather than a simple folded umbrella since it fuses high-grade pongee fabric, beech wood handle, custom metal tip and other delicate details.

Perfect for city goers and dwellers to have a street or urban style in rain or any extreme weather, the Subtle rainwear collection is now available for purchase on our online shop.