Mr.Rain 707 Folding Umbrella Kenji Chai – THE STRAY

USD 55.00


Subtle continues to push the boundaries of rain gear by launching a collaboration with the record-holding graffiti artist, Kenji Chai. His iconic character is “Chaigo”—a stray dog that uncharacteristically radiates positivity and warmth. In this collaboration, Kenji makes a custom design featuring “Chaigo” for Subtle Mr. Rain U1 Folding Umbrella, which will be added to Subtle’s limited series of high-performance umbrellas celebrating pop and urban culture.

Temporarily Out of Stock. Available for Pre-order.

  • Info
  • • Duo protection from rain and sun exposure
  • • UPF50+ ultraviolet protection
  • • DuPont™ Teflon® fabric coating technology
  • • Beech wood handle with laser etched label
  • • Duo layer of 190T pongee fabric
  • • Exquisite strap and packaged with dry sleeve
  • 概要
  • • 防陽防潑水雙重保護
  • • 黑膠塗層,紫外線防護系數UPF50+
  • • 美國杜邦™鐵氟龍®纖維保護技術
  • • 天然原木傘柄,激光鐳雕工藝
  • • 雙層190T高密度PG傘布
  • • 字符針織嘜帶及便攜式防水收納傘袋

  • Details
  • • Material: 190T pongee fabric
  • • Handle: beech wood
  • • Diameter: 42 inches
  • • Frame: three-section
  • • Shaft: fiber glass and aluminum alloy
  • 細節
  • • 面料:190T超防潑塗層碰織布
  • • 手柄:天然櫸木
  • • 直徑:42 英吋
  • • 結構:三折傘
  • • 傘骨:玻璃纖維,鋁合金

  • Special Notes
  • • Due to the DuPont™ Teflon® fabric coating technology, the outer layer of pongee fabric can repel the rain, leaving the rain drops paused on the surface. From time to time the coating may worn out and rain drops may stay on. This is normal case and the pongee fabric could still repel rain and water with great performance.
  • 特別說明
  • • 得益於杜邦™特氟龍®疏水塗層技術,傘的外層傘布可以有效阻擋雨水滲透,並且形成「水滴」效果。隨著日常的使用及時間的推移,附著在傘布表面的疏水塗層會有所損耗,可能引致水珠暫時停留在傘布上,但這是產品正常使用的現象,傘所採用的高密度PG碰擊布的防水效果仍然令人滿意。

  • Care Instructions
  • • The Mr.Rain umbrella is an all weather accessory that might get constant exposure to elements like water, snow, rain and ultraviolet light. We recommend conducting regular care to the umbrella to extend its lifespan.
  • • Care & Store. Even though the outer fabric of the umbrella is water repellent, keeping it fully opened and leaving dry is highly recommended before storing the umbrella into the dry sleeve. Keep it store in a cool, dry location.
  • 保養指引
  • • Mr.Rain系列下的三折傘為全天候出行設計的穿搭配件,可在雨天、雪天、紫外線暴曬等眾多環境下使用。為了延長傘本身的壽命,建議定期清理保養可延長其使用壽命。
  • • 護理與儲存。雖然傘本身是防水材質,但強烈建議先將其完全打開并放置在陰涼處自然乾燥后,再放入傘袋中存儲。