Mainstreet EDGE Bum Bag OBSIDIAN

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Mini bum bag has become a street fashion trend. The EDGE bum bag is a perfect decorative for lightweight city goer in the meanwhile providing a decent capacity to carry cellphone, cards, cash and other small essentials. It features waterproof, durable PVC tarp with TPU covered zipper and embroidered shoulder strap. The bold text imprints on the fabric also adds an aesthetic to this street-savvy accessory.


  • • Minimalist yet essential
  • • Easy to carry everyday belongings
  • • Water-resistant zipper
  • • Zinc-alloy buckle with laser-etched logo
  • • Adjustable embroidered belt
  • • 簡潔輕便且實用
  • • 可存放隨身日常物品
  • • TPU防水拉鍊
  • • 鋅合金激光蚀刻插扣
  • • 可調節尼龍織帶

  • • Material: 1000D PVC coated Tarpaulin
  • • Zipper: TPU
  • • Capacity: 1.6 Liters
  • • Height: 12 cm
  • • Width: 24 cm
  • • 材質:1000D PVC塗層夾網料
  • • 拉鍊:TPU
  • • 容量:1.6 升
  • • 高度:12 厘米
  • • 寬度:24 厘米

  • • For eco-friendly purpose, this garment has not been conducted any chemical cleaning or process, therefore it is normal if some dust or debris remain on the inside lining. Gently wiping out the dust or debris with a damp cloth would be fine.
  • • Due to the process of packaging and wrapping, a brand new and unworn garment might have some fold marks appear on the shell. Just hang the garment naturally or wear it for several times, fold marks will disappear.
  • • 出於環保目的,此件衣物的裡料不曾經過工業化學成分洗滌,因此可能會在內里中殘留少許斑點或灰塵,這是正常現象,在日常穿著或者簡單清理即可消除這些斑點或灰塵。
  • • 由於包裝運輸及儲存的需求,全新未被使用過的衣物表面會有少許折痕印記,只需定期穿著或用衣架晾掛一陣時間,折痕會自然消除。

  • • Mr.Rain AWAY Collection is an all-weather apparel made from polyurethane with rubberized coating, therefore the garment might get exposed to elements like water, snow, mud, ultraviolet light, etc. To extend its lifespan, regular clean and care to the pants is highly recommended.
  • • Stain. Finest rubberized fabric might get stained by other garments especially leather. Be careful to things around when wearing or hanging the garment. Never rub the stain as it can cause the stain to spread or force the stain deeper into the fabric. Rubbing can also cause abrasion damage to the fabric.
  • • Wash & Dry. Check the washing instructions on the garment’s tag. Hand wash recommended. Max. 40℃, no bleach or softener, no centrifuge. Hang dry or dry flat to reduce heat damage to the garment. Do NOT tumble dry.
  • • Store & Care. Please hang this garment in the closet with cloth hanger instead of folding. Keep it away from constant sun exposure. We recommend to care the garment with rubber saver to extend the lifespan of the garment and maintain the color and quality.
  • • Mr.Rain AWAY系列服裝由優質PU橡膠材料製成,此件衣物可在水、雪、泥、紫外線等眾多環境下穿著使用,達到全天候可穿的出行需要。建議定期清潔和整理,以便延長衣物的使用壽命。
  • • 污漬清潔。因材質本身的特性,長時間與皮革類物品摩擦接觸會導致此件衣物表面磨損或染色。所以在穿著此件衣物時需要注意,避免與皮革類物品直接接觸或摩擦,否則衣物可能會被染色或磨損。
  • • 洗滌護理與風乾。請參考衣物標籤上的洗滌說明,建議手洗,最高洗滌溫度40℃,禁用漂白劑或軟化劑。禁止離心烘乾、請採用掛晾的方式自然乾燥,減少熱量對服裝的損傷。
  • • 儲存與保養。盡量以懸掛的方式替代折疊的方式儲放在衣櫥中,避免在太陽紫外線長期直曬。建議採用橡膠保護劑罩來護理這件衣物,以達到維保持顏色、保持質量及延長使用壽命的效果。

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