When urbanites leave the city, the city doesn’t leave them. The natural outdoors encounter a beautiful kind of chaos, an intersection inspiring our newest collection of waterproof travel bags—Mainstreet. This versatile collection was crafted to walk the thin line between metropolitan flare and the simplicity of agora.

Travel bags for the urban explorers

“Spring Into Action” captures the small moments of a girl’s last-minute getaway with her posse. As they hike the Baikal trail in Irkutsk, Russia, Mainstreet amplifies their trek from the noise of the urban jungle into the tranquility of the outdoors.

Mainstreet presents a wide assortment of lightweight waterproof bags for those who travel near and far. And for those who stand out while doing so. Whether you are hiking in the wild, crashing a friend’s lake house, or heading home for the holidays, bolster every move by protecting your valuables without sacrificing your style.

Functional But Make It Fashion

To balance utility and design, overlays are printed on easy-to-clean high-density PVC tarpaulin fabric that features rip and puncture resistance.  Other highlights include the water-resistant zip enclosure, logo embroidered adjustable belts and corrosion-resistant zinc alloy hardwares. As a result, each piece in the collection is both candid photo-worthy and durable, the perfect dual-purpose travel bag.

It is easy to feel muted in the monotony of everyday city life. To survive its wilds, it is important to add a bit of color to the drone of it all. Mainstreet’s bold colors and clean designs provide waterproof gear a fresh aesthetic. One that is undeniable to the urban eye, yet complements the countryside. Introducing five solid colorways—Tanzanite (violet), Scarlet (red), Malachite (green), Topaz (yellow), and Obsidian (black)—Subtle gives loud and lively elements more nuance.

Run across town with an AVANT Crossbody Bag. Traverse the urban fashion zone with the FEVER Large Tote. Go for a weekend outing with a VOYAGE Travel Duffel. Or arrive early at the airport with the AFAR Rucksack. Mainstreet’s minimalist approach to travel bags gives contrast the rare ability to blend in to any environment. So no matter where the road, seas, or skies take you, the most vivid and practical choice is always Subtle.