Stay agile

Built for maximum portability and versatility, the Mainstreet AFAR Roller Rucksack is a convertible between a wheeled carry-on and a hands-free backpack. To convert it to a travel backpack, simply zip away the rear pocket and flip it over to cover the wheels, then deploy the straps out of the back pocket, and lastly attach the straps to the D-rings at the side bottom. Now you can hoist it up on your shoulders for the most flexibility in carrying yet.

For maximum portability and versatility.

Adventure in all weather conditions

Using weatherproof material and zippers, this wheeled travel bag features a bold color soft shell to withstand rain, dirt and abrasion. Another great feature worth to mention is the laptop pocket built inside the top compartment; you can store your laptop or electronics there and have them always at the ready during airport security.


Converts to a backpack

Stay agile by converting this wheeled carry-on luggage to a hands-free shoulder backpack without scarifying the style. Go further and last longer.


Functional and fashionable

Weatherproof and tear-resistant tarpaulin for maximum durability. Laptop pocket designed inside the top compartment for ultra-convenience during airport security.